Kevin Dolan's Homepage

This is me.


Professional Page This page offers links to information about my professional life, including my educational background, a brief description of my research, and a list of my publications.
Philosophical Ramblings This is an essay I wrote to clarify some of the common misconceptions about Atheism and Agnosticism that I often encounter.
VecMat Software This is a set of STL-style C++ classes I wrote for scientific programming.

Web Links

American Atheists An organization that fights to protect the separation of church and state, and works against the rampant persecution of non-believers in the USA.
Operation Clambake Find out the truth about the Church of Scientology, a new-age religion based on the writings of science-fiction writer and notorious con-man L. Ron Hubbard. See why Scientology is viewed by many people to be one of the most dangerous cults currently operating in the USA.
JREF The James Randi Educational Foundation: A voice for rationality in this modern world of pseudo-science and mysticism.